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mental illness or psychic

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Posted: 08 March 2012 at 3:31am | IP Logged

Hi everyone ,Can any please help me out ...

what are the mental illness causes? does it happen due to what all occurs in their day today life, stress , something very hurting that happen to them ...which they could not bare ..?
   If it happens through day today activities which have hurt them ...then how can it cause even for their children ?
2) One more question is.., if it happens to 1 person in family can it happen to all others ?
there is a case were it has happend to grand mother their two (son's)children .. and one of their wife ... (please give me the solution) But now the wife is fine cured from it but not completly as normal as a usual person ...like cannot think perfectly ...can it happen to her childrens too(son & daughter) as even father is suffering from same?
3) Can it be a curse .... because some said it might be like that to a particular family ... as it repeated from parents to children.

4) If it is a curse ... can it be healed ..are their any remedies or some pooja to be performed for God (hindu)..
PLEASE i want to help out those people ... as a human being its our duty to help others.... please help me out!!
Please help me
Thank you all

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